Living simple: goals

As an English composition instructor at a local community college, I assign my students a simple essay to start the semester off. “Semester Goals” is the title of the 500-word essay. I ask my students to list three goals they have for the semester and then they must write an essay expounding on those goals. What are your 3 goals? Why are you choosing those goals? How do you plan to achieve those goals? At the end of the semester, my students can revisit the essay and see if they achieved all (or any) of their original goals.

I will not be writing a 500-word essay explaining my goals for simple living in 2017 on this blog. I prefer making lists. Simple and straight to the point. After all, I’ve written enough essays to choke a horse (both figuratively and literally).

Here are a few of my goals for simple living in 2017:

  1. Reducing clutter daily: if I don’t need it and it doesn’t enrich my life, it has to go.
  2. Cut out unnecessary spending: I can make coffee at home. I don’t need to make a 30 minute round trip to Starbucks (or an even shorter one to the local coffee joints). $4 cups of coffee add up over time. I’ll reserve these trips for “special” occasions like having coffee with a friend.
  3.  In with the new, out with the old: When I buy something new, I must donate/trash something old. “It’ll be my backup coffee maker,” cannot be my mantra.
  4. Donate books to the local library and/or friends: This is a difficult one for me. I love my books, but I really don’t need to keep every single one after it has been read.
  5. Wash laundry at least 4 times/week: My family has a habit of letting the laundry pile up before it’s washed. If I wash at least four times per week, this should relieve some of the pressure.
  6. Keep the kitchen sink empty and clean: it just looks better (and makes me feel better) when it’s empty and clean.

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